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Descriptions of massage types are shown at the bottom of the page.

1/2 Hr. Massage$35.00

1 Hr. Massage$45.00

1 Hr. Aroma Massage$50.00
Your choice of blended essential massage oil to create a personally unique massage experience.

1 1/2 Hr. Massage$65.00

1 Hr. Prenatal Massage$45.00

1 Hr. Cupping Massage$45.00

1/2 Hr. Cupping Massage – $35.00

Facials -1/2 Hr. – $40.00

1 Hr. Sports Massage$55.00

1 1/2 Hr. Sports Massage$75.00
Deep tissue massage utilizing trigger point therapy, myofascial techniques, muscle release, and stretching of all major muscles groups.

Outcalls available -call for more information

Hot Stone Massage
1 1/2 Hr.  $70.00 –  1 Hr. $60.00

Aroma Hot Stone Massage
1 1/2 Hr. $75.00  –  1 Hr. $65.00
Choice of blended essential massage oils     

1 Hr. Warming Arnica Massage$55.00
Arnica is an anti inflammatory which helps relieve muscle and arthritic joint pain, speeds healing and reduces recovery time.

Deluxe Foot Treatment- 1 Hr.$45.00
Relaxing heated whirlpool, foot and leg massage with moisturizing lotion and paraffin dip of feet

Deluxe Back Treatment-1 Hr.$45.00
Application of hot pack to warm up and relax the back muscle tissue followed by a specifically tailored massage of all the back and shoulder muscles

Chair massage   (15 minutes)$15.00
Relaxing massage to back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands to relieve stress and tension

Green Tea Detox Wrap
1 1/2 Hr.- $70.00 or 1 Hr. – $60.00
Helps detoxify and flush the body while at the same time reducing inflammation and pain.

Cucumber Exfoliation Wrap
1 1/2 Hr. – $70.00 or 1 Hr. –   $60.00
Helps rejuvenate and moisturize the body with the use of cucumber based products.

Peppermint Lavender Skin Conditioning Massage – 1 hr. – $60.00
Helps heal skin damage due to sun exposure, for skin types who burn or tan (with Virgin Olive Oil)

Foot Refresher-add on to a massage$20.00
Peppermint lotion massage and hot towels to feet  

Paraffin Dip (feet or hands) – $20.00
Moisturizes and soothes the muscles and joints

Hot Packs$5.00
Placed on the back to relax the muscles

Healthy 6 Pack – (scheduled at your convenience)

6-1 Hr. massages – $255.00

6 – 1/2 Hr. massages – $195.00

12 for You Pack (scheduled at your convenience)

12 -1 Hr. massages – $510.00

12 – 1/2 Hr. massages – $390.00

Packages can be shared

Sports Massage Applied skillfully increases performance potential. Sports massage used regularly can help you develop:




Flexibility and fluid movement

Faster recovery time

1 hour session - $55.00

1 ½ hour session - $75.00
Deep tissue massage utilizing trigger point therapy, myofascial techniques, muscle release, and stretching of all major muscle groups.

1 ½ hour warming arnica sports massage –$85.00
Helps relieve muscle soreness, speeds healing and reduces recovery time

Pregnancy Massage can help you. This is a very special time in your life. Your body is adapting to a great many physiological and psychological changes. Massage can help you to better adjust to these changes. Let us provide you with a very caring way to help relieve both the physical and mental discomforts of pregnancy. Some of the benefits of pregnancy massage are:

Helps stabilize hormonal levels

Helps to reduce edema (swelling) of the legs

Helps circulation

Helps with fatigue

Relieves muscle strain of the abdomen and lower back

Releases muscle spasms and knots

Helps to promote rest and relaxation

Helps to instill a feeling of well-being

½ hour massage - $35.00

  1 hour massage - $45.00

Chair Massage can provide the much needed Ultimate Break from stress and tension. Chair massage can be provided at your location in a very comfortable portable massage chair while fully clothed.   Relaxing massage techniques are used to address your neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands.   Chair massage is a great employee perk to increase productivity and increase morale.

$15.00 per person – minimum of 10 people


 $50.00 per hour per therapist – minimum 2 hours

Facials – We offer Honey, Banana, Avocado and Pumpkin facials. The facials include a brief massage of the hands or feet as well as a relaxing facial massage which is done with a moisturizing lotion. These rejuvenating facial treatments help to:

Stimulate blood flow to the tissues nourishing the skin

Tone and maintain skin elasticity

Moisturize and impart a healthy facial glow

Keep facial muscles firm

Provide a state of relaxation

½ hour facial - $40.00

Hot Stone Massage is an individually designed experience for each person achieved through the caring application of hot stones. This natural ritual helps to balance the physiological and psychological aspects of the body.   Some of the benefits of the hot stone massage are:

Increases relaxation

Increases circulation

Increases flexibility

Relieves pain and muscle spasms

1 hour - $60.00 or 1 ½ hour - $70.00


Aroma Hot Stone Massage –  1 hour - $65.00 or 1 ½ hour $75.00
Your choice of blended essential massage oils to create your own aromatic experience

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